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No cyclist likes to anticipate a roadside emergency, but with a little planning and foresight many problems can be handled immediately and with little hassle.  There are a number of tools that decrease the likelihood of being stuck on the side of the road, including a spare tube, pump, patch kit, tire-lever, metric Allen key set, and chain tool.

A spare tube is useful for when a tire tube is punctured or otherwise leaking air.  Patch kits are helpful for repairing a leaking tire tube, and should be carried on long trips, even if a spare tube is available.  A pump is needed to re-inflate a new, repaired, or slowly leaking tire tube.  A tire-lever can help pry a tire off its rim, allowing for replacement of the tube.  Tire-levers come in metal and plastic varieties; plastic is preferable because it is less likely to damage the rim.  An Allen-key/screwdriver set is helpful for repairs, and a fold-up set is handy for traveling.  A chain tool allows the chain to be popped off and easily replaced.

bicycle tools
Assorted Bicycle Tools

In addition to these basic tools, bicycle mechanics use a wide variety of specialized tools.  Cassette removers and chain whips are used for removing gear cassettes, while crank-bolt removers and crank extractors are used for removing cranksets.  A cable puller is used to tighten a cable while adjusting the brakes.  Spoke keys or wrenches come in various sizes and are used along with a trueing stand to adjust or "true" a wheel, and to replace broken spokes.  A headset wrench is used to adjust the tightness of the bearings in the front fork.  A cone wrench is a thin wrench used to adjust bearing tension on a wheel.  A bench vise is helpful for adjusting wheels.  A bicycle stand rounds out the tools needed for bicycle maintenance.  Park Tool manufactures bicycle tools for professional and home bicycle mechanics around the world.

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