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female cyclist with water bottle Cycling is an aerobic activity that requires hydration, but it can be time-consuming for the rider to stop every so often for a drink.  Hydration packs enable hands-free delivery of fluids while the rider is cycling.  Water or other refreshment is stored in a back or waist pack containing a bladder.  Connected to this pack is a tube with a bite-valve on the end.  This setup enables the rider to receive hydration by biting on the end of the tube.  Both mountain bikers and casual cyclists use these convenient backpacks or waist packs to comfortably carry water, food, tools, and other gear.

In addition to hydration packs, virtually all bicycles can be fitted with a frame-mounted cage for carrying a water bottle.  Many times these are conveniently located so that the rider can reach down and retrieve the bottle without needing to stop.  Lightweight water bottles, carried in frame-mounted cages, are a popular source of drinking water on the road for touring and racing cyclists.

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