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Bicycle Accessories
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cycling accessories The difference between a good biking experience and a great one is having the right bike accessories.  In addition to a bicycle, there are several bicycle accessories that can help you to ride comfortably, safely, and efficiently.  Some of these items are considered essential, while others are optional.

For most recreational cyclists, essential items would include a helmet, a water bottle and water bottle cage, a spare tube, a tire pump, tire levers, and a seat bag or wedge.  Having all of these things ensures that your bike rides can be both enjoyable and safe.  Make sure that your safety equipment, especially your helmet, fits well and is free from any dents or blemishes.

If you are a more serious cyclist and log lots of miles on your bike, you'll probably appreciate a few more accessories.  Padded cycling shorts, cycling shoes, cycling gloves, cycling jerseys, and a CO2 inflation system will all enhance the serious cyclist's experience.

bicycle accessories - bicycle rider with helmet and water bottle While you can bike in any type of comfortable, loose-fitting clothing, there are manufacturers and retailers that specialize in bike riding apparel.  Cycling apparel is tight-fitting, colorful, and usually made from a material that wicks sweat and moisture.  Some cycling clothing items come with reflective material for nighttime rides.

Optional cycling accessories include bicycle computers, transport racks, and specialized tools as well as panniers and carrier racks for touring.  Many professional cyclists also prefer a hands-free hydration system to the more traditional water bottle.

During inclement weather, cyclists who wish to continue riding can use a stationary bicycle trainer or roller device indoors.  It's not as much fun as outdoor riding, but some pros use indoor trainers in a controlled riding environment to get a focused, high quality workout in a short time. features convenient access to three popular online bicycle shops plus selected bicycle accessory manufacturers and a bicycle parts and cycling supplies vendor directory where you can browse through, and compare, a broad range of cycling accessories.

boy and girl riding bicycles with training wheels
Boy and Girl Riding Bicycles with Training Wheels

Cycling Accessories Manufacturers

  • Trek Accessories
    Trek offers helmets, cycling gloves, flat repair kits, water bottles and cages, locks, cycling clothing, lubes, lights, bike tools, and tire pumps.
  • Specialized
    Specialized manufactures bicycles as well as bicycle components, cycling equipment, and accessories.

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